LED Bulbs to every home in Telangana - TS Government new initiative to save power

LED Bulbs to every home in Telangana - TS Government new initiative to save power

     LED Bulbs distribution to every home : Telangana Government is taking every step to save electricity. As we know electricity saved is electricity produced.
                  Power consumption has increased by a greater fold these days. Producing power is also tough task to the Government.

                  Arranging Solar Panels at every home is a tough task. The great initiative is LED bulb. This is a great initiative by TS Govt.

           LED Bulbs can save 70-80 of electricity than normal bulbs which we use daily in our houses. But the cost of LED bulbs is also high when compared to the ordinary bulbs. It cost around Rs.80-Rs.100/- in the market.

         Poor and middle class can not afford these costs and are buying 60 watt bulbs and 100 watt bulbs which consume higher electricity than LED bulbs.

                  TS Government started the project of saving electricity. So, the government decided to distribute two bulbs to every house hold in the state. The main initiative of this project is to save 80% of the power consumed through daily basis. The bulbs will cost around Rs.10/-  which is a very reasonable rate these days.

               This project is under confirmation by the officials. Once this is approved, the project will be initially launched in the districts of Medak and Nizamabad. If this receives good response from the people, the program will be formulated in the whole state.

           Under this project two 9 watt bulbs will be distributed to every house hold. This is really another great initiative by Telangana Government.


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